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Padloack and key

Secure key

Secure Key generates a unique code, which adds an extra layer of security to help make sure only you can log on to your account. It comes either digitally on our App or as a small physical device.

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Security Centre

At first direct, our security experts use the latest combinations of encryption, secure keys and passwords to keep your money safe, and it's important you play you part in keeping your details safe too.


You'll find everything you need to know in our Security Centre.

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Tools & guides

Here we provide a range of guides, helpful information and tools that we think will be useful to you.

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Useful information

This section is full of useful banking stuff - everything from our approach to credit scoring to what to do if you're worried about money or have recently lost a member of your family and need to close their account.

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Foreign tax regulation

As a bank, we're required by law to share information about certain customers with the taxman, to make sure that everyone is paying the right tax in the right country - find out more about foreign tax regulation here.

Foreign tax regulations