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In Conversation With...Izzy Bizu

By now you'll know that at first direct, we do things differently. Thinking outside the box and taking brave new steps is in our DNA. That's why we wanted to chat to Izzy Bizu, the emerging singer-songwriter who continues to overcome her fears and doubts to find success within music.

After deciding - or rather being told - that the 9 'til 5 life wasn't for her, Izzy took the plunge and threw herself into following her dream of making it in music.

It wasn't a smooth ride (as you'll hear in our chat), but with the help and support of good people, and an inner drive inherited from her dad, Izzy got there.

But for Izzy, success isn't about making money or selling out tours. Success is about leading a life that takes her to new places and allows her to meet new people. It's about constantly learning and evolving, and allowing the future to remain an unknown.

We spoke to Izzy over a quick game of table tennis to learn all about the nerves, doubts and motivations she experienced as she was starting out on her journey and how she overcame those to get to where she is today.

If you've not yet heard of Izzy Bizu (and it's about time you did!) then this film is a great place to start. You never know, you might even be inspired to take a first step of your own.

first direct in conversations with...Izzy Bizu