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Confirmation of Payee

Confirmation of Payee is an added security feature we’ve launched in line with other major banks, to give you improved confidence when you set up new people or small businesses to send money to (including one-off money movements and standing orders).

The launch of Confirmation of Payee aims to help protect you from “authorised push payment scams”, when people are tricked into sending money to fraudsters who are pretending to be people or organisations they are not. By highlighting whether the account name and type match the account number you’re sending money to, you’ll be alerted if anything doesn’t look right. And as well as protecting you from fraud, Confirmation of Payee will give you a way to check you’re definitely sending your money to the right place.

How does it work?

  1. You add the details of a new person or small business you want to send money to
  2. We send a request to their bank and let you know if the information you’ve added matches their account name and type (person or small business) or not
  3. You receive a response straight back letting you know if the details are a ‘match’, a ‘close match’ or a ‘no match’.

What these responses mean

Details matched - The name on the account and account type you’ve input match those held at their bank. 

Close match – the name and account type you’ve entered are close to those held by the payee’s bank. We’ll show you their actual account name where this doesn’t match to help you decide whether or not to send the money.

Not matched – the name you’ve entered doesn’t match the one on the account.

If your payment details return a ‘close’ or ‘no’ match, we recommend you go back to the person or small business you're trying to pay, to double check their details before you send them any money. You might not get the money back if it went to the wrong account.

The best way to contact them is on the phone, rather than replying to an email. Fraudsters sometimes set up email addresses that are very close to the real email address of the person or small business you’re trying to pay. It’s therefore recommended you use a phone number from a trusted source, straight from your contacts list, or a website or letter from a small business you're sending money to.


Be aware that fraudsters might try to convince you to ignore the Confirmation of Payee outcome. If you feel uneasy that something isn’t right, please get in touch with us on 03 456 100 100, any time, day or night.

Additional useful information

Saving your new payees

We’ve added a new question to the move money process as part of Confirmation of Payee, which will let you save your new payee with a memorable reference, for example ‘mum’. We hope this will help when you go back to send money to these people in the future.


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