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Diane Morgan is trying new things

Were you scared to try toast for the first time? Or frightened at the prospect of your first hat? Of course you weren't, but sometimes we lose our nerve when trying new things and need a gentle nudge to help us along. At first direct bank we're all about doing things differently. That's why we've never been on the high street and why we're offering you £100 to spend on something new when you switch to us

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Get £100 when you switch to us

Switch using the Current Account Switch Service and deposit £1000 within 3 months of account opening. T&Cs apply. New customers only

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Diane Morgan is trying falconry

  • What's better than new things? Exactly, nothing. Switch to first direct bank and you'll get £100 towards trying something new, like falconry. (Or whatever you fancy).

    Diane Morgan is trying acupuncture

  • Trying new things might seem scary at first (a bit like acupuncture), but you'll love it when you get started (also a bit like acupuncture). Switch to us and we'll reward you for trying something new with £100.

    Diane Morgan is trying a pram workout

  • We can all use a little help when trying something new. Sometimes that help comes from within and other times all you need is a watermelon. With us, it comes in the form of £100 to spend on something new.