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Receive a home security camera worth up to £99.99 with first direct Home Insurance

A home security camera means you can see what's happening at home, wherever you are. They can also record footage, sound alarms or let you speak to your loved one. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor home security camera, you'll find it's a handy way to keep an eye on things. It's handy for your home insurance too, as you can easily provide footage to us if you need it to make a claim. 

Get a quote for our Home Insurance by 29 February 2020, and once you've held your policy for 30 days, you'll be sent an email or letter (depending on your preference) by MLP, our third party administrator for this offer, which will contain instructions on how to select your camera. 

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What is the Focus 71?

The Focus 71 is a Smart Indoor Wi-Fi HD Home Monitor Camera, which boasts a wide 90-degree field of view and digital zoom, helping you see everything in sight.


How is it better?

The Focus 71 is equipped with infared night vision which helps you monitor what's going on in the room even in very low light levels.

Staying in touch has never been easier thanks to the two-way audio on the Focus 71. Simply press a button on the App and speak directly to your family and pets from anywhere in the world with the two-way audio feature.


Who is this suitable for?

Home owners, small businesses seeking a solution for remote access via Hubble app to view Live HD Video Stream and free notification and Motion and Sound.


How does it help?

The Focus 71 provides real-time updates on everything going on in that specific room. The ultimate end goal is to ensure peace of mind and the knowledge that your home is secure, wherever you are.

Download the Hubble for Motorola Monitors App to view you camera from anywhere in 720p HD, plus get smart notifications and manually record videos or take image snapshots.

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