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Three Secure Key options

For people who use their phone for everything

The simplest, most convenient option for anyone with a Smartphone, using a Digital Secure Key makes logging on to the app quicker and you can also use it to log on on your computer

What is a secure key

  • On the website you can:

    • view account balances
    • access statements
    • make payments or transfers to existing beneficiaries
    • set up payments to new beneficiaries and new standing orders
    • access Sharedealing
    • create and send secure messages
    • edit contact details
    • order replacement cards, or a new PIN.

    On the app you can:

    • view balances and your last 90 transactions
    • create new payments to people and companies from your account
    • create, view, amend and cancel standing order payments
    • cancel Direct Debits
    • view pending transactions.

    You'll need to download our App to use a Digital Secure Key, if you haven't already.

    Have a look at our App to find out more, including a list of compatible devices.