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Recommend first direct

Could you play matchmaker between us and your friends? We'll give you £50 and them £100.

If you like banking with us, and we hope you do, please tell your friends to come and join the party. And if they do, and tick all the right boxes, you get £50 for fixing us up and they get £100, so everyone's happy.

All you need to do is log on to Online Banking and select the 'Recommend a friend' link in the footer. We'll then send you a pack with cards to share with your friends.

Then your friend will need to open their 1st Account and transfer their banking to first direct using the Current Account Switch Service. They'll need to pay in at least £1,000 within three months of their account opening and we'll give them their £100. This offer is only available to your friends who have not previously held any account with first direct.

You'll receive your £50 within 28 days of the offer criteria being met by the new customer. Unfortunately no incentive will be paid if the above conditions aren't met.

How it works

  • Request a pack via Online Banking
  • Log on and select the 'Recommend a friend' link in the footer and hit send
  • Fill in your name and postcode on each postcard you give to one of your friends and ask them to give us a call on the number on the postcard
  • When your friend calls, we'll go through their application with them on the call, and...
  • ...if they meet all our criteria we'll open their account. They'll get £100 when they switch to us and pay £1,000 into their account. Once they have, you'll get your £50 as a thank you for putting your friend in touch with us.

Terms and Conditions

The offer is limited to three payments per existing customer recommending us and limited to one payment per new customer or joint relationship as a result of a recommendation. This offer cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other joining incentive offered by first directfirst direct reserves the right to decline to open an account for you. first direct credit facilities are subject to status.

For further details, call us or write to us at first direct, 40 Wakefield Road, Leeds LS98 1FD. Communications may be monitored and/or recorded.