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Fraud awareness

When it comes to emails, texts and phone calls, it’s not always easy to spot the scammers. Criminals are constantly looking for new ways to get hold of our personal details and banking passwords. To help you stay one step ahead, our experts have created the following guides to help you stay seriously secure.


If you think you've been the victim of any scam, feel you've been tricked into giving your security details or notice anything suspicious on your account, please call us as soon as possible.

Call 03 456 100 100 (lines are open 24/7, 365 days a year)

Text phone: 03 456 100 147

Calling from abroad: +44 113 234 5678

Text relay: +44 151 494 1260


To help you stay safe, please have a read of the information in our Fraud Guide and the sections below:


Email scams

Discover how to spot fake messages and reduce the risk of inbox scams.

Email scams (Phishing) >

Intercepted email scams - Payment requests >

Phone scams

Learn more about the fake calls and texts that can catch you out and leave your money unprotected.

Phone scams >

Text scams >

Online scams

Find out how dating scams work and how shopping online can place you at risk.

Online dating scams >

Online shopping scams >

Other scams

Get up to speed with other tactics scammers use to discover your details and unlock your bank account.

Courier scams >

Computer takeover scams >

Investment scams >



More information to help you stay safe