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We've provided this form to help you calculate your monthly commitments.You can enter all the required information and submit the form to us online. Alternatively, you can print the form to complete in your own time and either:

  • call us on 03 456 100 188, or
  • post the form to: Credit Services, first direct, 40 Wakefield Road, Leeds, LS98 1FD.

For details on how we will use your personal information, please see our Privacy Notice [PDF]

Your total monthly income:

Please list your outgoing expenses. You can amend your details at any time.

Who do you owe money to

Your total monthly income:

Your total monthly outgoings:

Please provide details of all the payments you owe to creditors, including first direct. Creditors could include banks, credit/ store cards, hire purchase agreements and loans etc. You can amend your details at anytime.
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We’ll be in touch once we've received the form to discuss your finances and the way forward.

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