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Visit a branch of HSBC

We don't have branches - but our friends over at HSBC do. And lots of them. So if you need to pay in cash or cheques, you can drop into your local branch.

Find a HSBC Branch

Did you know you can also withdraw cash over the counter at HSBC branches? It's a free service - but you'll need to arrange it first by calling us anytime on 03 456 100 100.

Pop into the Post Office®

If you have a 1st Account, you can use your debit card to check your balance, pay in and withdraw cash (which will count to your daily limit) at any of the 11,500 UK Post Office® locations across the UK. To find your nearest office or check opening times: Branch Finder | Post Office.

You can pay in coins over the counter as long as they are don't exceed the coin bag limit, and are not mixed coins, up to the value of £25 per transaction. 

To pay in cheques, use a pre-printed first direct credit slip, from your paying-in book. You'll also require a HSBC Post Office® cheque deposit envelope - which you'll find on the Post Office® counter. Do not put cash in the deposit envelopes.

Cheques paid into the Post Office® may take a day longer to reach your account than cheques paid in at HSBC branches - and this is assuming you do it before the Post Office® branch cut-off time. They'll be able to tell you when this is.

Paying in cheques

Cheques can be paid in at a HSBC branch or Post Office®, but posting them to us is another option.

You can request a paying in envelope in Online Banking by selecting:

Manage Accounts>cheques>How do I pay cheques into my account>Order Paying in envelopes

Or you can use your own envelope and send the cheque to us at:

first direct, PO Box 1538, Northampton, NN1 9HY.

And if you don’t have a paying in slip, just send the cheque along with a covering letter including your name, sort code, account number and when you’d like the cheque to credit. Leave the rest to us.

You’ll soon be able to do this with a photo via the App. 

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