Northern Ballet's Goldilocks & the Three Bears

Northern Ballet's Goldilocks & the Three Bears

Discover what happened when we invited a group of mini critics to enjoy Northern Ballet's production of Goldilocks & the Three Bears - a ballet for children.

Hot on the heels of its other hugely successful ballets for children, including Tortoise & the Hare and Ugly Duckling, Northern Ballet has brought to life another children's classic: Goldilocks & the Three Bears.

In partnership with Northern Ballet, we invited our customers, our people and local school children to an exclusive performance. For many it was the perfect opportunity for their little ones to enjoy live ballet, music and theatre for the first time.

The 40-minute retelling of Goldilocks & the Three Bears is especially choreographed to appeal to a young audience and it went down a storm.

Bring a bear

We asked each of our young guests to bring a very special 'plus one' - their favourite teddy bear! Here's what happened on the day:

Mini critics

Children can be a tough crowd to entertain and have a knack of saying exactly what's on their mind, so we asked some of the children to become mini critics for the day. Here's what they had to say about the show:

"I love the Little Bear, mummy - I think I want to marry him!"

- J, 4 years old

"It was magical, and funny, and colourful and I really liked it - I liked it so much I forgot to eat my bear biscuit."

- Luca, 4 years old

"I liked to imagine what the characters were saying to each other. It was amazing that the story was easy to follow even without any words."

- Alison, 7 years old and Elizabeth, 8 years old

Thanks to The Family Treasures, Wonderful Chaos, Mummy M's Memories, Jade'sJourney, Porridge and Parenting, Tired Mummy of Two and Hannah Spannah for all taking part in our first direct Mini Critic. For more photos and thoughts from our Mini Critics and their Goldilocks experience, head over to their blogs or Twitter and search using #fdMiniCritic

Missed the show? You can purchase tickets for forthcoming performances on the Northern Ballet website and our customers can buy 2-4-1 tickets in our first Friday offer here.

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