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Regular Saver Account

Bigger rewards for regular savers

How do I make payments into my Regular Saver Account?

Your first payment will be taken from your 1st Account on the day you open your account. This will be followed by another 11 monthly payments which can only be made by standing order (we will set this up for you).

How to manage your account

You can view your account online or you can manage it over the phone, including amending your standing order payment.

You can change the amount of the monthly standing order between £25 and the maximum monthly balance (in multiples of £5) but you can only make one standing order payment to your account in any one month. The date of your standing order payment needs to remain the same once set up.

Are there any charges

No, none at all.

Can I make withdrawals?

Our Regular Saver Account is for 12 months so, as you'd expect, you can only withdraw your money after a year. You can access your money before then, but you'll have to close the account. If this happens we'll pay interest up to that day and you'll receive interest equivalent to our Savings Account or any account that replaces it.

What happens on its one year anniversary?

Your money will be transferred to either an existing Everyday e-Saver Account (product no longer on sale) or a Savings Account.

Is there anything else I need to know?

For at least the duration of the Regular Saver, you must hold a first direct 1st Account from which to make your monthly payments.

How to open a Regular Saver Account

Existing customers

Log on to Online Banking, select 'Apply' and choose 'Regular Saver Account' from the left hand menu.

Log on to Online Banking

If you would prefer to speak to us, please call us on:

03 456 100 100

New to first direct

Sorry - our Regular Saver Account is only available to first direct Current Account customers (you're more than welcome to join us...)

More about our current account

You can also talk to us anytime on:

03 456 00 24 24

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New to first direct?

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Existing customer

03 456 100 100