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Current Account Transaction History Policy

If you choose to leave us we won't pressure you to stay, but we would be sad to see you go...

Providing payment transaction history at account closure

Once we have closed your account, we will provide one copy of your payment transaction history (free of charge) covering a period of the last 5 years. We are not required to provide transaction history relating to any payment transaction that occurred 5 or more years prior to the date of account closure.

If we hold a valid email address for you, the transaction history will be emailed to you within 10 working days after the account closure in most circumstances. If you would like to opt out of this service or request a transaction history for a period less than 5 years, please contact us.

If we do not hold a valid email address on record, we will ask you to provide this or an alternative way of how we can provide this information to you.

Providing payment transaction history up to 5 years after account closure

You may request a payment transaction history if you have closed your account within the previous 5 years. However, we are not required to provide a payment transaction history in relation to any transaction that occurred 5 or more years prior to the date of your request. For example, if you requested your payment transaction history 3 years after account closure, you would only be entitled to the last 2 years of payment transaction information.

If you no longer hold an account with us, we may firstly ask you to send us identification documentation. Once this is received, we will issue your payment transaction history within 7 working days in most circumstances.