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Fraud awareness

They may look or sound official enough, but some emails, text messages, phone calls and requests for information can come from some decidedly unscrupulous parties. It's very important to keep your passwords and bank details private, so be on your guard when opening unexpected emails or taking phone calls. If you're at all suspicious, please let us know.

To help you stay safe, please have a read of the information in our Fraud Guide and the sections below:


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  • What is phishing?

  • Tips on identifying phishing emails

  • What warning signs should I look out for?

  • The email says it's from first direct - is it?

  • How do they get my email address?

  • How do they know where I bank?

Computer Takeover Scam (Remote Access Takeover)

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  • What is Computer Takeover Scam?

  • Tips on identifying Computer Takeover Scams

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