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Text Message Banking

If you like to know where you are with your money, you can set up alerts that give you the details you want, when you want them, straight to your phone, by text.

We can let you know things like when you've been paid and when your balance reaches a certain level, or even send you a mini-statement every morning. You can text 'T' to 07736 24 24 24 to see Text Message Banking in action.

Getting set up

  • you'll need a 1st Account and a mobile phone that can receive text messages
  • you can nominate one mobile phone to receive any combination of up to eight events and/or mini-statement text messages at any time
  • you can receive text updates from up to three accounts
  • once you're all set up, we'll send you a text, of course...

How it works

  • each message contains up to 160 characters
  • if it takes more than 160 characters to display multiple transactions, we'll prioritise the most recent ones
  • mini-statements include your balance and five transactions
  • you can ask us to text you when your balance goes above or below a certain amount - we'll tell you your balance and the last few transactions
  • we'll text with daily updates while your balance is above or below your set amounts.

Managing Text Message Banking

Making changes

You can update any details by logging on to your Internet Banking. Or you can call us on 03 456 100 123* - make sure it's before 10pm if you want us to change anything in time for the following day.

Travelling abroad

You can still receive your Text Message Service when you're abroad, but we'd recommend you suspend things until you get back. This is because we can't vouch for the security of any foreign phone networks.


Call us on 03 456 100 123* if you spot anything incorrect or irregular in your text updates, so we can get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible.

*our Digital Support Team is available 7am to 11pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 11pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Register for Text Message Banking

New to first direct

Our Text Message banking is only available to first direct Current Account customers (you're more than welcome to join us...)

Learn more about our Current Account

03 456 00 24 24

Existing customers

Log on to Internet Banking, select ' Account servicing' and choose one of the 'Text Message Banking' options from the left hand menu.

Log on to Internet Banking

03 456 100 100

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