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Gold Card

For Purchases

Take out a new first direct Gold Card and receive no interest on Purchases for the next 17 months*.

  • representative rate of
    16.9% APR variable
  • no interest on Purchases for 17 months*
  • use your first direct Gold Card with Apple Pay
  • no annual fee
  • £500 minimum credit card limit (subject to status)

Representative example

based on an assumed credit limit of £1,200, our 16.9% rate p.a. for purchases gives a representative rate of 16.9% APR variable.

Credit is subject to status. This promotion is only available to new first direct customers who hold a 1st Account and do not hold a first direct Credit Card and have not held a credit card with first direct within the previous six months.

*The rate for Purchases is no interest for 17 months from account opening.

We may allow you to make balance transfers. We will not transfer balances between cards operated by members of the HSBC Group. Any request to do so will not be processed. The HSBC Group means HSBC Bank plc, its subsidiaries, associated and affiliated companies and includes Marks & Spencer Financial Services plc and John Lewis Financial Services Ltd.

Requests for a Balance Transfer received by us after 3.30pm or received on a non-working day will be treated as if they were received the next working day. It can take up to five working days from the day of receipt by first direct for the money to reach your other credit or store provider.


Gold Card at a glance

You'll find more information about the Gold Card below - but please also read our Terms and Conditions before you apply.

Our downloads are in a PDF format. To read them you'll need to have Adobe Reader 4.0™ or above. It's free and you can get Adobe Reader here.

Gold Card Summary
APR Representative 16.9 % APR variable
Representative example: based on an assumed credit limit of £1,200, our 16.9% rate p.a. for purchases gives a representative rate of 16.9% APR variable.
Other interest rates Introductory rate Monthly rate Annual rate
Purchases 0% interest for 17 months 1.315% 16.9%
Cash Advances n/a 1.809% 23.9%
Balance Transfers n/a 1.315% 16.9%
Interest free period

Up to 56 days for Purchases if you pay your balance in full and on time. There is no interest free period for Special Balance Transfers** or Cash Advances.

This is subject to any interest free promotional offer.

**Any Balance Transfer completed after account opening and charged at a promotional rate.

Interest charging information

You will not pay interest on purchases if you pay your balance in full and on time each month. Otherwise, the period over which interest is charged will be as follows:

Transaction Type From Until
Purchase Date debited to your account Paid in full
Cash Advances Date debited to your account Paid in full
Balance Transfers Date debited to your account Paid in full
Allocation of payments

Payments received are applied to pay off the minimum payment shown on your statement, then the remaining balance on your statement, then any items not yet included in a statement. Within each of these categories we will pay off any Balance Protector*** premium first, then categories of balances in the following order:

  • Cash Advances
  • Purchases and Balance Transfers (excluding Special Balance Transfers)
  • Special Balance Transfers.**

In each category, interest and charges are paid first followed by the remainder of the balance.

**Any Balance Transfer completed after account opening and charged at a promotional rate.

***A protection policy providing cover for the card repayments. (No longer on sale.)

Minimum monthly repayment

For Gold Card agreements made before 23 March 2011 - £5 or 3% (whichever is higher) of the Standard Balance, excluding any Balance Protector premium and £5 or 3% of any Special Balance Transfer balances, or the whole balance if it is less than £5.

For Gold Card agreements made on or after 23 March 2011 - interest, default charges and any Balance Protector premium plus 1% of the principal, or 3% of the statement balance or £5 whichever is highest, or the whole balance if it is less than £5.

Credit limit

Minimum credit limit is £500, maximum credit limit subject to status.


No annual fee.


Cash fee 2.99% of the amount advanced (minimum £3). Includes cash withdrawals, internal transfers, purchase of travellers cheques or foreign currency and money orders (but not gambling transactions).

Balance transfers 2.9% of the amount transferred (minimum £5).

Commission on foreign currency transactions 2.99% of the amount of a non-sterling transaction.

Foreign usage
Payment Scheme Exchange Rate Find out more, visit the
Visa Rates website 
Dependent upon the type of transaction you undertake, one or more of the following will apply.
Non-Sterling transaction fee 2.99% added to the Visa Exchange Rate
ATM transaction fee 2.99% of the amount advanced, minimum £3.00
Default charges

Late payment fee £12.00.
Over-limit fee £12.00.
Unpaid cheques or direct debits £5.00.

Except where any interest rates are stated to be fixed, all interest rates are variable.

Gold Card Repayments illustration

Repayments illustration

Illustrative example (includes introductory rates*) for purchases of £1,000 on your Gold Card:

  Minimum payment each month £50 payment each month £100 payment each month
How much interest will you be charged in the first year? £0.00 £0.00 £0.00
How much interest will you be charged in the second year? £53.68 £6.74 £0.00
How long would it take to clear the balance? 11 years and 6 months 1 year and 10 months 0 years and 11 months

The above example assumes the following: the transaction takes place on the first day of  January and you make no further transactions; you always make the payment on the 15th; your statement is produced 31 days after you make the purchase; interest is calculated based on the representative 16.9% APR variable rate and introductory rates are included.

We recommend that you pay more than the minimum payment whenever possible. If you make only the minimum payment each month, it will take you longer and cost you more to clear your balance, as shown in the example above.

A recurring transaction, sometimes called a continuous payment authority, is a series of payments collected with your agreement from your card by a retailer or supplier (for example, insurance cover). This is an agreement between you and the retailer. The Direct Debit Guarantee does not cover these transactions.




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How to apply for a Gold Card

Before you apply, please ensure that you've read the Summary Box and Terms and Conditions.

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You can apply online through your Internet Banking. As you're currently logged in, just select Apply online from the left hand menu within Internet Banking

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Once you've logged on to Internet Banking, just select 'Apply', and choose 'Credit cards' from the left hand menu.

If you haven't yet registered for Internet Banking, simply click on the link below and follow the on-screen instructions.

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To take out a Gold Card, you will also need to open a first direct 1st Account, our current account.

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You can also talk to us anytime on:
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If you foresee any changes in your circumstances that may affect your ability to repay the credit card you are applying for, for example a change in your income or outgoings, a change to your employment situation or you are a temporary or zero hours contract worker please apply on the telephone.